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Eliane Rothier Bautzer

Sociologist, lecturer at Université Paris Cité

Educational sciences, authorised to direct research projects

Contact: eliane.bautzer(at) / eliane.bautzer(at)



I study the work and training of professionals (health/social/education) involved in the development of independence in the persons they work with. I am interested in the paradoxical injunction “be independent!”, which seeks to lead these persons to be the principle agent of the process (whether it’s therapeutic, remedial, compensatory, or health education) for which they are in fact being assisted.

Since 2015, and following my thesis for the authorisation to direct research (“Connect care and cure. The training of health professionals faced with transformations in healthcare practices”), I examined relationships in healthcare such as cure/curing, care/caring in the context of health seeking behaviour. I am interested in the relationships between professionals and between professionals and users.

In my publications and communications, I showed how these relationships are questioned by the place newly occupied, in the long term, by work on the relationships care/cure, care/social support, care/school remediation, care/healthcare education.

My present work aims to deepen the description and understanding of the emergence of care practices (concern and integrated care) and the tensions they bring by upsetting professional territories built up in the healthcare sector since the beginning of the 20th century around one organising dimension (the cure [healing], which should henceforth be linked to care through the relationship between healing and educate/cure/prevent).

I am interested in the uses of notions of independence, of obstacles to acting, of empowerment, of responsibility and of inclusion. I explore the extent to which care itineraries depend on assemblages or compositions, and whether forms of harmony emerge from the relationships they invoke.

Since 2017, I lead a seminar at the EHESS with Aurélien Troisoeufs. The seminar involves users, researchers and professionals and deals with transformations in work and in relationships between support and care professionals, confronting healthcare together (along with the people who turn to them) over the long term. We seek to describe the modes of assembling care related to transformations that affect our bodies (chronic diseases, obesity, aging ...). We thus highlight the paradoxical processes of co-productions of the notions of "empowerment", of independence, and of interdependence, for all the actors concerned.

During 2019-2020, we will look at healthcare itineraries related to the issue of obesity (What itinerary? From obesity to bariatric surgery. What conditions of obesity say about health itineraries:

In 2023 and 2024, the EHESS seminar will be entitled "Accompanying, being accompanied: figures of autonomy condition" and will focus on the notion of pathway as an institution of autonomy:

This research is enriched by both empirical research and by my 10 years of experience at the University of Paris-Descartes as the director of a master’s degree focusing on the training of health professionals (2005-2015).

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