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Bungener Martine

Economist, Sociologist, Emeritus Research Director, CNRS




  • President of the Inserm patients' organization focus group GRAM, Groupe de réflexion avec les associations de malades de l'Inserm
  • President of the deontology and ethics committee of the Institut de Veille Sanitaire (InVS)
  • Member of the scientific council of the Fondation de coopération scientifique Plan Alzheimer
  • Member of the board of the Alliance pour les sciences humaines et sociales (Athena) for the Aviesan alliance
  • Member of the scientific council of the GIS gender institute for the CNRS
  • Member of the INED ethics committee
  • Member of the scientific council of the CNSA representing the CNRS
  • Member of the public-health and environment committee of the Fondation de France
  • Member of the scientific council of the Observatoire de la santé des vétérans (OSV), representing the Inserm
  • Member of the researchers group of the Conférence nationale de Santé for the CNRS (INSHS)
  • Member of the scientific council of the organization Vaincre la Mucoviscidose
  • Member of the scientific committee of the UNAFAM (Union des amis et familles de malades psychiques)


After having studied economics and sociology at Paris Nanterre University, Martine Bungener became a member of the Health Economy team set up by Emile Lévy at the CRES, then took part in the foundation of the spatial geophysics and oceanography lab, LEGOS, at Paris-Dauphine University, where she completed a PhD in 1980 and earned her Qualification to Direct Research in 1993. Recruited at the CNRS in 1978 for the LEGOS, she then joined Cermes when it was set up in 1986 by Claudine Herzlich. She directed Cermes after Claudine Herzlich, from 1998 to 2009, and co-directed it until December 2013. She was highly involved in supporting multidisciplinarity cutting across human and social sciences, and biological and medical sciences, notably as a member of the governing board under Christian Bréchot, at the time Executive Director of the Inserm, by facilitating the CNRS Inserm Mire program "Sciences biomédicales, Santé Société" (Biomedical Sciences, Health, Society) as member of the scientific technical and educational mission of the Ministry of Research, as science representative at the CNRS biological sciences institute InSB, and at the board of the Aviesan (ITMO public health) and Athena alliances. She set up the Scientific Integrity Delegation at Inserm and for eight years was its Director, and she currently chairs the Inserm focus group GRAM, working with organizations of patients, disabled persons, and their families.
She is currently working on family involvement with Alzheimer patients or persons affected with chronic schizophrenia living at home.

Interview with Martine Bungener (March 2016)

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