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Maël Goumri

PhD in Science and Technology Studies, associated researcher

Contact: mael.goumri(at)


Maël Goumri is a sociologist of science and technology specialized in energies issues. He defended in 2021 at Université Paris Cité, a thesis in Sciences and Technology Studies (STS) entitled “taming the black swan. Construction and circulation of knowledge and ignorance on nuclear severe accident government” under the supervision of Soraya Boudia. This thesis was prepared with a funding from the French Institut de Radioprotection et de Sûreté Nucléaire (IRSN) within a post-Fukushima research program (investissements d’avenir). He adopted a socio-historical approach to analyse the constitution of a corpus of knowledge and practices for nuclear safety in France. He emphasized the production of ignorance caused by nuclear technology specificities, and on nuclear high complexity in particular.

He recently worked on ethics of participatory research in global south countries for the French “Institut de Recherche pour le développement (IRD)”. He made in this frame a state of play. He presently works on “fair transition” models of renewable energies development in Europe and Africa. He puts interests on infrasctructures that are linked to renewable energies, such as hydrogen production, critical material extractivism etc. While investigating offshore wind energy in particular, he delfts into environmental justice, markets and biodiversity issues linked to large energetical infrastructures.

Last publications:

Goumri, M. (2021a) ‘L’ignorance matérielle’, Revue d’anthropologie des connaissances, 15(4). Available at:

Goumri, M. (2021b) ‘Risques Industriels: Savoirs, régulations, politique d’assistance fin XVIIe – début XXe siècle [Industrial risks: Knowledge, regulations and assistance policies, late 17th-early 20th century]  ed. by Thomas Le Roux (review)’, Technology and Culture, 62(1), pp. 288–290. Available at:

Goumri, M. (2022) ‘Making the accident hypothetical: how can one deal with the potential nuclear disaster?’, in Living in a Nuclear World. Routledge.

Goumri, M. and Kleiche-Dray, M. (2022) « La Recherche participative au sud face à son institutionnalisation : un état des lieux ». IRD/Département SOC, p. 67.

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